Отдых и Рыбалка в Карелии

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Evgeny, good afternoon! Today returned to Moscow after a trip. From all would like to thank you for it. As a result received everything that we wanted: both nature, and fishing, and mass of positive emotions. Fishermen we beginners. But I consider that fished rather successfully. Fish was as you also promised. And enough. It is possible to mark out one pike about 4 kilograms. Also time many thanks. I hope, still surely we will arrive. I left to Gennady the business card. Call, don`t hesitate. Thank you!

Best regards, Dmitry Seryogin. Fishing house on a forest lake (Northern Karelia), beginning of the August 2016.


Летний отдых и рыбалка на Севере Карелии, Калевальский район, заброшенная деревушка Ювалакша на берегу Верхнего Куйто. Фото: Татьяна и Со (Минск), Михаил (hemool) и Со (Москва).