Отдых и Рыбалка в Карелии

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Zhenya, hi! I want to thank for an opportunity to have a rest in the north of Karelia, 10 days flew by as one:) There was no wish to leave.

Dima Bushmarin, Tungozero, April, 2018.


If you are three 209 years old, leave everything - go to Karelia.

This August, unusual guests came to us on vacation - Pavel with his parents, Tatyana Ivanovna and Boris Pavlovich.

Tatyana Ivanovna and Boris Pavlovich - 81 years old, and all together for three - 209 years.

Overcome a thousand kilometers of the way to Karelia, go Topozero by boat, more than once go to the forest for berries - age does not interfere with active rest.

Active pastime for Tatyana Ivanovna and Boris Pavlovich is generally ordinary. From youth to several weeks they spend in the taiga. And Karelia for them and moreover - a landmark place. Here Tatyana Ivanovna and Boris Pavlovich spent, one might say, a honeymoon. Immediately after the wedding in 1969, we went on vacation here. Then, when the son Paul was born, they began to take him and him with them to Karelia.

Now I can't say who takes with him to Karelia. But all three have a strong love for our places. Boris Pavlovich, wearing a hat similar to a dashing cowboy, Tatyana Ivanovna, gracefully, like a duchess sitting on a chair by the water, and Pavel, whose parents can only be admired.