Отдых и Рыбалка в Карелии

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"Evgeny, good evening! In general everything was pleasant to all! The pike and a perch were caught amazingly, there were also trophies".

Roman and Evgeny, Topozero (Kumskoye, Northern Karelia), July, 2018. It is more than photo in a heading of Fotogallery.


Rest, silent, most lonely from people, in a fishing log hut with a bath on the picturesque forest lake of Loukhsky district (Northern Karelia), in 40 km from the next settlement of Tungozero. Subject to fishing: pike, perch, whitefish, burbot, ryapushka, white fish, grayling (river). The main plus of the lake - a possibility of the organization of fishing and a transfer under any weather conditions.

Description of a lodge: a fishing log hut with a bath for rest and fishing on the coast of the forest lake, far from settlements, in 40 km from the next settlement. The one-storey lodge is intended for placement 6-7 persons, is in 30 meters from water. Inside: the oven, a table, plank beds with mattresses, pillows, blankets. Sleeping bags guests bring the. In 2015 to a lodge the spacious verandah and also an arbor, a pier is attached. The log hut is equipped with ware, an oil lamp, the gas stove. A bath near a log hut, on the bank of the lake. Lease of the snowmobile in the winter, in the summer - the rowboat, the motor-boat with the weak motor is possible. The transfer assumes a travel on the forest road about 5 km on water.

Cost of rent of the house (summer of 2019): 3500 rubles a day from group to 4 people. From above - 4000 rubles a day from group.

Additional services (the parking of the car, transfers, lease of the snowmobile, the generator, the boat, including with the motor) are paid separately.

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