Отдых и Рыбалка в Карелии

Zhenya!!! Thanks to you huge for the organization! We it is excited! Many human thanks! To you and Genya! And hi to you huge from all our! Already we make plans for the next year.

Maria, a travel on the forest lake, August, 2018.


Photo galleries from our happy guests

Impressions and a photos from the forest lake from Alexey:

Read more: Great rest and fishing on the forest lake - Alexey and Co, July, 2018.

Impressions and a photo from Topozero two collectives: Roman and Evgeny.

Read more: Fishing progress on Topozero - Roman and Evgeny, July, 2018

Lake Top Kuito (Kalevalsky district, Northern Karelia), small village of Yuvalaksha. The end of June - the beginning of July, 2018. Photos from our guests Tatyana and Alexander.

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At the beginning of June the predator is actively caught. On the forest lake of the North of Karelia it is the rule once again proved Leonid and his company from Veliky Novgorod.

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The nice report about the fine family rest on Topozero which wants to be repeated! :) Alexander Lysov and Dmitry Remizov's photos

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The traditional report from Elena about two-week rest and fishing on Topozero in April, 2016. The specific list of the hooked fish pleased: grayling, whitefish, perch, burbot, pike. Absence of people, silence, beauty of Topozero and successful fishing set our friends thinking on a trip for a month next year! ;) 

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